Find below helpful measuring guides for your blind. Including tips for installing your products.

Inside Recess

This is the measurement inside your window indent.

Measure at 3 separate points for the width and 3 separate points for the drop. 

Always provide the smallest measurements of the 3.


  • The actual blind width will be made slightly narrower to make room for fitting. You can expect the fabric to be approx 4 cm narrower than your recess width.

Bay Windows

Using 2 pieces of cardboard in each corner of your bay, mark out where the two pieces meet as to where your blind will sit and where you need to measure from.

Different blinds will have different protrusion and will require you to create different size cardboard template. (width x length);

25mm venetian – 35mm x 100mm cardboard template

35mm Venetian – 45mm x 100mm cardboard template

50mm venetian – 65mm x 100mm cardboard template

Vertical Blinds – 50mm x 100mm cardboard template

Roller blinds – 45mm x 100mm cardboard template

*Always state sizes as recess size*

Outside Recess

When you are fitting your blind where there is no recess or you want to fit outside of a recess then we call this ‘Blind Size’

Measure the width x drop you want your blind to cover.


  • we suggest an overlap either-side is at least 15cm
  • you need to ensure you have enough room on the width for fitting brackets. No more than 2.5cm space either side will be required.
Grey Whisper perfect fit Roller Blind

Perfect Fit

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roof blind icon

Roof Blinds

Our blinds are suitable for velux, Fakro, Dakstra and Keylite windows. 

Each window will have a code to allow you to purchase.

If it doesn’t please contact us with the glass width x drop, and we can help.