Keeping your little ones safe

Two children sitting by window

As a manufacturer of window blinds safety is an absolute priority for Blinds Outlet.

Our products are child safe, and we conduct a full range of testing to ensure that our products meet all relevant legislation.

Children love to explore. Whether they’re just becoming mobile or walking confidently around the house, it’s so important to bear this in mind when installing any new blinds.

The BBSA Make it Safe campaign offers crucial advice for homeowners, landlords and those responsible for public buildings. With the use of the information found here, you can make sure your blinds are child-proofed and safe.

Making sure your blinds are child safe:

  1. To prevent accidents and injury to children, keep blind cords, chains or tapes out of reach. Install a suitable child safety device (supplied by use with every blind purchased) that can only be opened by an adult.
  2. To prevent the risk of children accidentally falling through a window blind, always ensure that the blinds are raised and lowered by an adult. Also make sure that they are not accessible to children via sofa, chair, table or bookcase.
  3. Ensure that all cords, chains and tapes are properly secured to the wall and remain tight.
  4. Make sure all cords, chains and tapes are well out of reach, at least 1.5 metres above ground.
  5. Do not tie cords together.
  6. When purchasing your new blinds, perhaps consider cordless or motorised blinds.

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