How To Get Your Home Autumn Ready

Well it’s that time of the year again where our mornings are a little chillier and the evenings are getting darker, a beautiful time of year to enjoy the changing colours of nature and for a lot of us the changing decor in our homes.

Spring is beautiful, and summer is perfect for vacations, but autumn brings a longing to get away from the unreal things of life, out into the forest at night with a campfire and the rustling leaves.”

– Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

  1. Declutter and Clear out

Although some of us may find it hard to let go of summer and all the excitement that goes with it, the beginning of autumn is the perfect time to declutter and make space for incoming candles, rugs, blankets and more blankets! Remember to give your front door area some attention whether it be a doorstep or a porch, there will be a lot of focus on this area in the months to come. Grab the power hose or an old-fashioned sponge and bucket and get that door wreath ready! Autumnal decorations can sometimes be a little ‘busy’ so making some room for them will save your rooms from feeling cluttered or overwhelmed.

2. Reading Nook

This is the time of year when you can really get into that book you’ve been wanting to try! Why not commandeer that unused space under the stairs or on the landing, maybe even a spot in your living area or bedroom? Take a trip to your favourite home shop and grab blankets, cushions and candles to really emulate a warm cosy retreat where you can get lost in the world of books

3. Woodland prints and Motifs

Trees, forest creatures, leaves, pumpkins…. Let your inner forest spirit run a muck throughout the autumn months. Choose warm earthy neutral tones and match them with chunky textures for the perfect accent to woodland motifs. Opt for accent pieces to add to your sofa or bed, or go in strong with bedspreads or rugs but remember with such busy prints just a few extra pieces will do the job.

4. Keep the warmth in with curtains

Not only do we want to find better ways to keep the house warm to keep the utility bill down, but it’s also an important part of living a more sustainable life. Curtains are the perfect option they add texture to a room and also contain drafts from windows. Don’t forget a curtain pole can’t be an afterthought and can easily reflect the aesthetic of the room.

  • 5. Blankets

You can never have too many, if we forget the functionality of a chunky warm blanket, it’s still in the top 3 musts for any home between September and march! Be neat roll them up and pop them in a basket by the bed or be a free spirit and throw (or drape) it from the back of your sofa across the seat pad *almost to the floor for the perfect welcoming sofa.

6. Faux fireplace

Not all of us have been blessed with a gorgeous fireplace in our home, BUT we can do a budget/renting-friendly alternative! Fireplace exteriors can be purchased for as little as £100 pre-loved, attach it to the wall with some discreet fixtures and bam an easily removable impromptu fireplace. Pop some pumpkins in the centre or for a rustic feel stack some almost ironic fire logs.

7. Autumnal Decorations

Nothing says Autumn like pumpkins! Don’t worry though there is no need to traipse through your local pumpkin patch (unless you want to), there are thousands of styles to choose from, ceramic, wicker, wood, concrete, and wool….. The list goes on! Whichever design you go for you’ll find a variety of colours to slot in perfectly with your current decor. With such a range of textures to choose from you’ll soon find the cosiness of autumn coming together in your home. For a seasonal centrepiece why not pair together some naturally foraged decorations? Pine cones, acorns, and conkers add some bush grass and curly dock to a rustic vase for an extra touch of harvest.

8. Remember Hygge

You might ask what is Hygge? Hygge pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ is a Danish word used to acknowledge a special feeling or moment. It can be alone or with friends or family, in your home or in nature. No matter what it’s always cosy and warming. Take a leaf from the Danish and create a welcoming, nurturing environment this autumn.

9. Candles

Scented candles to be specific, when it comes to two-in-one autumn decor, scented candles are at the top of the pile! Filling a room with your favourite autumnal pumpkin/cinnamon/coffee candle will transport you from a long busy day into a relaxed creature on the sofa. Not to mention the tranquil glow of a flickering flame.

10. The colours of autumn

Undoubtedly the most loved and appreciated change from September to November is the world around us changing and moving forward. Rich reds, oranges, yellows and browns are in abundance at this time of year, why not bring them home? Subtle changes can make a big difference, try replacing your old blinds with brand-new thermal blackout roller blinds in an earthy tone, perhaps throw up so curtains? Have a few burnt orange accessories dotted throughout the home.

Now hopefully full of ideas and inspiration try out some of our ideas in your home but make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, pop an old movie on in the background pour yourself a hot drink and start lighting some candles and online shopping in your favourite fluffy socks!

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