Get your home Christmas ready!

” From home to home, and heart-to-heart, from one place to another. The warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other. 

– Emily Matthews

Creating the perfect Christmas décor

Now most of us don’t flip our home decor on its head just for Christmas. But festive decorations definitely take over our homes for at least one month of the year! So without spending an excessive amount making every corner of our homes filled with Christmas cheer how do we do it?

*Insert Christmas colours here*

Pastel and whites

Have a mellow decor with light shades of pink and blue with a base of white which of course to the lucky ones is akin to memories of Christmas mornings blanketed with snow. Add soft touches with pale blankets and faux fur cushions to really embody a modern aspen farm house design.

The original colour of the season

Green, all and any shades are perfect, rich greens positioned near to your tree and a sophisticated feel to the room. Mix dark and light baubles to bring the outside in for a natural feeling Christmas.

What is the most festive colour of all? Red of course!

No colour is as deeply rooted in the heart of Christmas as red. Think cushions, lamps and rugs. Nestling them in with your current colour scheme can be the simplest way to add the festive shades into each room. Lean towards deep rich reds over traditional Candy apple red.

No matter how you decided to decorate for this festive season make sure you enjoy it, and it reflects you and your home! Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year from everyone at Blinds Outlet!

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