Cleaning your blinds the right way pt.1

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Don’t let the myths surrounding the difficulties of cleaning window blinds stop you from having the perfect window decorations! Take a minute to read about the best and easiest ways to clean different designs of blinds.

Minimalism isn’t about removing things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract you from the things you love.”

– Joshua Becker
Hand held vacuum cleaners are great for the job!

When it comes to keeping your roller blinds at their best, the vacuum cleaner can be your best friend. Using your vacuums upholstery attachment, roll the blind down all the way and vacuum top to bottom. A weekly routine hoovering of small amounts of dusts will keep your roller looking bright and fresh.

While a monthly clean down with a damp cloth while remove any marks and remove any harder to remove dust and dirt! (just remember to leave the blind unrolled for a few hours to let it dry fully)

While metal Venetian blinds are perfect for simplicity and practicality like any surface they can quickly collect dust and sometimes stains, with regular cleaning this can be avoided! There may be quite a few venetian blind cleaning products on the market but a feather duster (or anti-static microfibre duster) will do the job properly and efficiently!

When it comes to a real good clean monthly or weekly depending on your preference you may find closing your blinds and spraying them with window cleaner will do the trick, a small amount of detergent on a micro fibre cloth will give the same results. Which ever way you choose always dry off your louvres before leaving them to prevent any marks or the chances of mould!

I hope this has been a useful nugget of information! Come back for part two for cleaning information on vertical blinds and the importance of how you clean your real wood blinds to keep them looking perfect!

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